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Prayer Request

Download The Prayer Request Form By Clicking Here 

Prayer Request

Let us pray for you.

Submit your prayer request here. We have also placed prayer request boxes and request cards outside the north and south entrances of the sanctuary. Simply complete the prayer request card, drop it in the box and one of our Prayer Warriors will receive it. You can also download a prayer request form, mail it or bring it to the church and drop it in the prayer request box.

Prayer Warriors

So what are Prayer Warriors?

Prayer Warriors is a volunteer group of persons who believe in the power of prayer. The ministry however is open to anyone who believes in God and the Bible and wishes to join us in prayer. It is by no means the only way to access prayer- the Holy Spirit is just not bound by a single way. We have found this particular mode to be quick and efficient. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, is welcome to bring prayer requests to the Prayer Team. We have prayed for everything from new job opportunities to miraculous healings for medical lost causes. Our primary means of communication is the internet/email.

To join our Prayer Warrior team, contact St Mark at PrayerWarriors@stmarkumcchicago.org or call the St. Mark office staff at 773-846-2992. They will forward your request to the Prayer Warriors, and one of us will contact you.