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Witness Ministry

What is the Witness Ministry?

Opening our church doors to others and inviting them to join us in worship is the aim of St. Mark’s witness ministries.


Through prayer, evangelism, and all forms of communication, we share stories of faith and the good news of Jesus Christ so that others will come to know and love the Lord.

The Witness Ministries Team leads others to witness God’s grace, love and power by helping all know and respond to the love of God in Christ.

Kairos Outside Prison Ministry is a support group for women who have relatives or friends who are or have been incarcerated

Commission on Evangelism is one of the primary components of Witness Ministries, the job of this ministry is to reach out beyond the church and into the community for the purpose of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

St. Mark Manor Worship – Each Saturday afternoon, Lay Speakers provide a worship service for the residents of St. Mark Manor

St. Mark Bible Study at the Manor – Bible study is conducted for the residents at St. Mark Manor on the second and fourth Monday afternoons of the month.

Prayer Ministry convenes each fourth Sunday from 9:00 a.m. – 9:30 am, providing an opportunity for group and individual prayer. Prayers requests can be submitted online or dropped in the prayer request box in the main sanctuary.

Adult Ministry keeps the congregation informed about the hopes and concerns of adults of all ages and life situations in our community, address the concerns of adults in order to aid in their growth and understanding of the Christian faith.

Book Table Provides training materials, for growth and development, resource materials and recreational reading.

Gardening Ministry is responsible for the growth and maintenance of the flowers and plants during three seasons of the year on the grounds of the church.

Knitting Ministry teaches knitting techniques to beginners and advanced students. Finished items are donated to various churches and community programs.

Communications and Media

Communications Ministry  is responsible for St. Mark website, social medial and other communication channels used to promote the church

Audio/Video Ministry is responsible for the audio and video services of the church, including Sunday church services and special programs. Also, produce recorded messages (sermons).

Pictorial Documentary Documents church history.

Camera Club Provides training for new photographers and a space for seasoned photographers to share their work.

Lay Speakers (Servants) Certified Lay Speakers (Servants) are responsible for speaking assignments throughout the church and community for the glory of God.

Wise Women 4 Christ are dedicated to the needs and issues of women in the Christian church. It is action-based and focuses on living a Godly life with guidance from the Bible.

Men’s and Women’s Ministries – Help our brothers and sisters grow into Christ’s likeness is at the core of St. Mark’s men’s and women’s ministries. Recognizing that there are responsibilities, issues and concerns unique to each gender, St. Mark provides opportunities for fellowship in order to promote spiritual growth..

United Methodists Men

United Methodist Women